Transitioning from Student to Professional?

At ASCE we want to ensure we can serve you best based on your individual path forward. This is why we strive to maintain accurate information on whether you are graduating and starting your professional career or extending your studies.

Upgrade in 2020 and be entered into the Student Upgrade Drawing. See complete rules for details.

New Graduates

If you are a new graduate, you will need to upgrade your membership to continue to access the ASCE resources that will help you secure and succeed in your new role. To make this transition easy, we offer the first year of professional membership for free to existing ASCE student members and at a discounted rate of $50 for non-members.

To upgrade from a Student to Professional member, simply:

  1. Ensure the information in the form below is accurate, update if necessary
  2. Submit the form using the ‘Upgrade Your Membership’ button

Students Extending Their Studies

If you have decided to extend your studies and as a result your graduation date has changed from what we have on record you will need to provide us with up-to-date information to ensure that you continue to qualify for and receive your complimentary ASCE student membership.

To update your graduation information, and remain a Student member simply:

  1. Update the information in the form below to ensure it is accurate
  2. Submit the form using the ‘Update Your Graduation Info’ button

In addition, please see the student resources available.

Membership Information

* Please note, if you're not a current ASCE student member, and you are upgrading your membership, you will be invoiced $50 Society dues for your first year of membership after graduation.

Contact Information

Degree Information


If you are not already an Institute member or if you would like to change your Institute, please select one below:

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